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Love has its various ways by Divya Kapoor is a beautiful example of a new age woman. She is an experiential writer. She is a holistic healer. The early years of her depression and cluster attacks made her dig into the world of spirituality and discover ways to heal her own emotional and physical issues. Her being a realist and an optimistic person made her dive into the world with vigour and enthusiasm. Today, she is a travel journalist, Reiki master, corporate trainer, life coach and a holistic healer. When she was 14 she was told by the doctors to get her brain operation otherwise she will become a zombie without grey matter. It’s her own story how she treaded the less travelled path and made her life so fulfilling. Her message is if she can, so can you!

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I Am more attracted to it as its feeling like the thought in it is what i usually think …

First of all thanks alot for writing this book… its going to be mine alltime special book as its helps me more motivated towards life nd things i m planning to do in my life … I Am more attracted to it as its feeling like the thought in it is what i usually think n Help me in communicating towards God…there are lot of thing i can write about this book bt its better if people read nd understand it with their mind nd heart as its help everyone who want to knw themselves….. P.s= I prefer this book as a great gift to ur dear ones

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Online Courses:
About the Course
Its not a class, its a way to higher development, the reason for low fee is that i believe everyone of us our looking for spiritual awakening and its your time to click.
We all travelling different paths and i wish we all make it.
If you come across this, I m sure there must be a reason and sign-up for it.
Topics Covered
What are we here for?
How to manifest?
How positive attitude can transform life?
How change is good?
And how to take all the learning and experiences forward
Who should attend
Anyone, any age person can sign up.
We are all here to help each other grow and overcome challenges.
No pre-requisites needed apart from a belief to change and a willingness to accept
What you need to bring
You just need to bring your heart and mind together. That’s all needed 🙂
Key Takeaways
A willingness to accept change.
Learning to forgive.
To let go
To accept who we are.